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Till makabert väsen

by Bergraven

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Jyri Straechav
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Jyri Straechav I have little respect for most of Black Metal. It tends to be, intentionally or not, waste of your time. But Bergraven is actually produced by human with ears, and actually has spades of musicality in it. The music is even vocally interesting, which is a rarity for black metal. I rather enjoyed this album. Many of the riffs are decidedly un-Black Metal, as well. While the album isn't a technical display of prowess, it's very musical. Definitely some of the best Black Metal I've heard in years Favorite track: Det andra liket.
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Till Makabert Vasen, well encapsulates the mood/progressive nature of Dodsvisioner (Bergraven's previous full-length) and takes it one step further. This time with a more diverse range of vocal treatments and a masterful approach to overall song structure. On Till Makabert Vasen, Par perfected his already unique rendering of Nordic chants and vehement growls. Though, the real genius is in Par Gustafsson's ability to give you just enough room to breath before elegantly knocking the wind right out of you... Only someone like Par, someone wholly proficient in all the necessary instruments, could do so in such a way that you know you can't be mad at the guy after the fact. I "heart" Bergraven and if you possess anything in the way of good taste so will you...


released June 23, 2009



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Bergraven Malmö, Sweden

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